Credit score ranges: excellent, good, fair, poor

FICO scores range from 300 to 850. A score above 670 is considered a good credit score, and a score over 800 is considered excellent. The FICO Score, created by the Fair Isaac Corporation, is the most.

Industry Specific Credit Scores. Now that you know what a good credit score is, it’s time to get more specific. While traditional FICO scores from the popular scoring company fair isaac corporation range from 300 to 850, there are actually several different models that lenders might use when judging your creditworthiness.

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At NerdWallet. your credit score, you’ll probably want to know what the three digits mean and find out how you compare. What is a good credit score? VantageScore 3.0 and FICO 8, the most commonly.

The vast majority of U.S. adults have a credit score in the 550-to-639 range, which is deemed as "fair" according to credit scoring. If you can earn an "excellent" grade in each of the six.

Fair Credit Score: 650-699. Before you know it, the score will go up. Poor or bad credit score: 600-649 This is not the place anyone wants to be. Bad credit is often a direct result of real-life hardships. Also referred to as "subprime" credit, it’s likely you’ve had multiple or ongoing credit issues.

category range perfect 800-850 excellent 750-799 good 700-749 fair 640-699 poor 571-639 very poor 500-570 bad 400-499 very bad 300-399 Perfect Credit (800-850) Membership in the 800+ credit score club is quite exclusive, with fewer than 1 in 6 people boasting a score that high, according to WalletHub data.

What is a bad credit. good” until your score hits 740. Finally, the very highest credit scores, those between 800 and 850, are considered exceptional. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take much to drop.

That makes being in the good credit score range. scores typically considered to be in the "good" to "excellent" range, with the higher the number the better. Scores below that are typically.

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A FICO score is a well-known measure created by the Fair Isaac. scores are in the range of 800 to 850. People with this score have a long history of no late payments, as well as low balances on.

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