MBS Day Ahead: State Of The What? Bonds Turn Attention to Supply and The Fed

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Bonds Turn Attention to Supply and The Fed Posted To: mbs commentary Despite a fair amount of focus on last night’s State of The Union speech in the news, it was a complete dud in terms of bond market movement.

October’s 250,000 job gains were a full 50,000 above expectations, as tight labor markets turn tighter by the day. After 10 months, y-t-d job gains of 2,125,000 are running 18% above comparable 2017.

Further, another "issuance" risk is that not a single U.S. high yield bond was issued in the month of December 2018, so when the market re-opens in January, investors will be demanding elevated premiums. When the Fed ultimately pauses this year, return generation potential will be much more robust.

MBS Day Ahead: As Treasuries Consolidate, MBS Have Been Outperforming By Matthew Graham Posted To: MBS Commentary One of the best side effects of the recent consolidation has been the outperformance of MBS vs Treasuries. We often talk about the fact that MBS like stability and predictability . Conversely, they tend to underperform when the broader bond market is making a big move into levels.Fed Rate Hike: What It Means for Mortgage Rates Mortgage rates today, November 22, plus lock recommendations So how much does today’s. That type of mortgage moves with the Bank of Canada’s overnight rate. A string of hikes by the Bank of Canada has narrowed the gap significantly between variable and fixed.Markets are hoping Fed. "Rates are at a good place in the U.S. right now, if anything we are a little restrictive I would.

Fed Chairman Bernanke will. look at the economic calendar in the day’s ahead.. In terms of the bond market and mortgages. This is the guidance we offered on Friday. Last Tuesday we issued a.

May Mischief Approaches (22 April 2019) – It looks like the first week of May is the next window for globalist drama. > On May 1 (May Day), Juan Guaido of Venezuela will attempt to stage the biggest demonstration in the country’s history as part of his effort to push out Maduro. Will Maduro attempt to arrest him on or before that day? How would the US react to that?

The Fed — And The Best Time To Buy Gold. Sometimes you don’t have to drop a quarter to see the monkey dance. Yesterday’s announcement from Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke caught us.

Mortgage rates today, November 22, plus lock recommendations Ted Rood, Senior Originator, Wintrust Mortgage "Well not much to say other than I hope your loan officer had advised to lock your rate and you did. highest rates of the year are on the plate. " -Mike.

How much power does the Fed have on interest rates? The 100 basis point jump in mortgage rates this year tells you that the market is more concerned over the perception of health in the economy rather than the Fed. The amount of MBS purchases is extreme. The Fed is increasing its balance sheet to nearly $4 trillion.

Mortgage rates lower now than before Fed rate hike Toronto home prices up but rising mortgage rates could spell trouble Mortgage rates are likely to rise from current levels, which could spell trouble for home buyers. Here are some tips to help you save money when buying a home, no matter where you live. · The economy, the Fed and inflation all have some influence over long-term fixed mortgage rates, which generally are pegged to yields on U.S. Treasury notes, so there’s already been a spike since the Fed started raising rates. The average 30-year fixed-rate is now about 4.83 percent, up from 4.09 percent in 2015.

MBS RECAP: Though Weaker, Bonds Did a Better Job of Fighting Back – Bond markets ended the day in slightly weaker territory, and the broader trend remains toward higher yields. momentum technicals remain unfavorable and there is more supply to come (where. and.