MBS Day Ahead: What Happens If Bonds Break This Ceiling? (Philosophical Discussion on Technicals)

For those paying any sort of attention to trading levels in bond markets over the past few weeks, it’s hard to miss the super narrow range between 2.825 and 2.885 in 10yr yields. That’s been perfectly intact since June 27th, and was broken for the first time in today’s overnight session.

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Financials had a strong day as the XLF rallied for a 1.14% gain. I was a day early in calling the bottom but the sector has since recovered and most bank stocks are sharply higher. goldman sachs (gs) was up 3.32% today and is now 5.5% off of yesterday’s low. JP Morgan (JPM) is 6% off of Monday’s low and Bank of America is 4.5% off of the lows.

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This is wrong. If breaking bonds released energy, they would break spontaneously and molecules would not be stable. Plants use the energy they get from sunlight to break the strong bonds of H 2 O and CO 2 and form sugars with weaker bonds. Animals break the weak bonds of the sugars and form the strong bonds of H 2 O and CO 2 which releases energy.

MBS RECAP: Best Levels in More Than a Week Ahead of CPI From bumpy ride to smooth sailing: bonds gained more ground this week than they lost during last week’s range-breaking. economic data is noticeably weaker versus expectations. MBS Pricing Snapshot.

MBS Day Ahead: Bonds Break One Ceiling, But The Next One is More Important . Jan 18 2019, 9:44AM Ever since bottoming out in early 2019, 10yr Treasury yields faced a pretty clear line in the sand.

The big question today is whether the lights go off or stay on in Washington, D.C. Action on Capitol Hill could help determine how things proceed on Wall Street ahead of tonight’s deadline for a.

A major bank just announced the lowest 10-year fixed mortgage rate ever Major shadow bank. and just below the May 2017 level. Importantly, lending (mostly mortgages) to the Household sector continues to grow at a rapid clip. May Household lending of CNY 614.3 billion.

The problem is that what is good for Wall Street typically is not so good for investors. As for high quality bonds they sell the general rule is "Interest rate risks can always exceed an investor’s time frame in most fixed-income sectors."And Junk bonds is no exception.

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