MBS RECAP: Bonds Refuse to Follow Stocks Lower

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To be fair to today’s presidential inauguration, it was never destined. at least not when it comes to actionable developments for bond traders. That, in itself, was a moderate motivation for bond.

After coming close to breaking through the floor in overnight hours, bonds began the domestic session with a quick run up to 2.855%. But the late morning hours sent yields right back to the floor with.

bonds and bonds backed by mortgages (MBS). The Fed first began to buy bonds in early 2009 in order to lower longer-term interest rates after it had lowered short-term rates to zero. It ended new purchases in October 2014. Despite no longer increasing the number of bonds it owns, the Fed is still reinvesting interest and proceeds from maturing bonds.

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Then stocks launched skyward at a frantic pace, easily erasing every last bit of overnight weakness. Bond yields spiked in response, but MBS didn’t lose as much ground as Treasuries on a relative.

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If rates continue lower, we would expect the NAV to stabilize and start trending higher again. The new yield around 7.10% is a good and fairly sustainable level for the fund.

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Moreover, it served as a ceiling, with closing levels being nearly 10 points lower. Bonds didn’t pay too much attention, but they definitely took some directional cues from today’s stock movement..

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How to raise your credit score fast MBS RECAP: Tentative Test of Technicals after Treasury Auction Equity investors went home this past weekend feeling pretty proud of themselves. For many who recently (and finally) gained net exposure to the market and after a blistering January, stocks.