Selling a home: When should you reduce the asking price?

“Don’t buy property and automatically assume that you’ll be able to rent it out or sell. Ask the homeowners about their average utility costs and property taxes, get a homeowner’s insurance quote.

That said, there’s no hard-and-fast rule for when to reduce your asking price (and by how much). Instead, it’s the stuff of Web site forums and real estate blogs, with most questions posted late at night by sellers who have already bitten their fingernails to the quick.

 · (Video Credit: Corinne Rivera / HomeLight) James Krueger, who ranks in the top 1% of seller’s agents in Houston, once sold a house that went through three potential buyers.The first two backed out of the contract after the appraisal came in low. The third ended up purchasing the home but meeting in the middle with the seller on the asking price and the appraised value.

Seller News Home. Announcements. Latest Announcements; eBay for Business Blog.. can buyers ask for reduced price packratroger. pathfinder May 7, 2014 7:46:27 PM. If your item is a hot seller and there is demand for it then you really have no motive to sell for less and reduce your profit.

It’s easier to be courageous when facing a computer screen than an old grizzled Craigslist shark. If you want to include your phone number, tell people you are firm on the price. When they ask for a lower price, refer them to the ad and tell them you are firm. 2. give your item a chance to sell at your desired price.

Choosing when to reduce your home's price and by how much is. Did I set the asking price based on my needs or the market dynamics?

If you ever want to get into a lively conversation with any real estate agent, just ask them what they think. a real estate agent to help them sell their homes. But real estate agents should be.

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If none of these apply you should not lower the price at all and leave it listed as you.. That is the reason I said to people to offer what they can afford on a house.

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