When to Lock in a Mortgage Rate

If you lock-in a rate and mortgage costs suddenly fall you will lose the opportunity to finance at a lower cost. If you have a float-down agreement you have a one-time chance to capture a lower rate. The risk is that rates might keep falling. With a floating rate, the risk is that mortgage rates might rise prior to closing.

A rate lock is important because mortgage interest rates fluctuate in response to market forces-much like the price of apples or homes-and even small fluctuations can cost you big-time. A mortgage rate lock, as you might guess, locks in an interest rate for your loan for a certain period of time before you close the deal.

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Locking a mortgage rate means the applicant is guaranteed the interest rate at the time of the lock, which works well if the lock occurs when interest rates are low. The length of a mortgage rate lock varies from lender to lender, with some allowing extended locks for an additional fee.

Steps to Locking-In a Mortgage Interest Rate. A mortgage interest rate lock-in can prove to be very beneficial in case the interest rates increase while your loan is being processed, but it can also be a disadvantage to you if the rates decrease. No matter when you decide to lock-in the interest rate, you should always know how this is done.

And if your finances have changed, this could impact your final rate as well.” Ask if your lender charges a lock fee and how long they’re willing to lock for (some offer 30 days, others 45). And it.

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A lock deposit requirement indicates that both the borrower and the lender intend to keep the agreement. A rate lock may be issued in conjunction with a loan estimate. A mortgage rate lock period could be an interval of 10, 30, 45, or 60 days. The longer the period is could mean a higher interest rate is agreed upon.

If rates go down while a lock is in place, you may be able to negotiate a lower rate. And note that the lender can break your rate lock if you happen to bang up your credit while your mortgage.